The New School Choir Concert


NYC Concert conducted by Grammy award-winning Eric Dudley.


2012 Ourland Festival, Lincoln Center

Accompanied by John Walsh sings 'The Ballad of St. Anne's Reel'. The song was written by singer-songwriter David Mallett, and this performance took place at the 2012 OurLand Festival at Lincoln Center, an all-day, celebration of music, spoken word, traditional arts and more exploring the cross-cultural ties that bind Ireland and the US. Video by Charlie and Caron McCormick of Cicero Designs.


I have authored two screenplays, a stage play and a television pilot.


I have sung in New York City’s New School Choir, conducted by Grammy award-winning singer Eric Dudley. The 2016 season focused on protest songs from around the world.

One of my favorites, Shosholoza, is a traditional Zimbabwean and South African struggle song, originally sung by groups of men from the Ndebele ethnic group that traveled by steam train from their homes in Zimbabwe to work in South Africa's diamond and gold mines. The song expresses the struggle and heartache over the hard work performed in the mines. The word Shosholoza or "chocholoza!" means go forward or make way for the next man, in Ndebele, and is used as a term of encouragement and hope for the workers as a sign of solidarity.