The New School Choir

Since 2014, I have sung mezzo soprano, alto and tenor in the New School Choir, New York, NY, conducted by Grammy award-winning singer Eric Dudley.

2012 Ourland Festival, Lincoln Center

Accompanied by John Walsh sings 'The Ballad of St. Anne's Reel'. The song was written by singer-songwriter David Mallett, and this performance took place at the 2012 OurLand Festival at Lincoln Center, an all-day, celebration of music, spoken word, traditional arts and more exploring the cross-cultural ties that bind Ireland and the US. Video by Charlie and Caron McCormick of Cicero Designs.


I have authored three screenplays, two stage-plays and one television pilot. Please contact me for more information.





Tears Dry on Their Own

Thanks to Jenn Warren (video), Mariusz Glabinski & Kris Chevannes (sound), Issac Derfel (editor), Jack Smead & Caron at Cicero Designs (font); and to Amy Winehouse, Jay Peck, Tony Visconti and David Beal for their creative inspiration.